Jenkins Group Digital Services


Jenkins Group Digital audio and eBook services develop and deliver electronic content to the most popular ereaders currently available. Whether you're converting existing content or creating brand-new material, our services offer the highest quality and most cost-effective delivery of your audio or ebook.

Producing an ebook that's available for today's mobile market is fast, easy and economical with Jenkins Group Digital's years of experience. Existing and new content conversion and development to ebook files can be produced for the Amazon Kindle, Apple iPad and iPhone, the Nook, Droid, Sony eReader, smart phones and nearly any other mobile device. Our experience offers you the flexibility to deliver your book in more ways than ever before.

Jenkins Group Digital Offers You the Opportunity to:

  • Work directly with our staff on the design and production of the eBook publishing process
  • Convert your existing books to a wide variety of eBooks formats
  • Create brand new ebooks while saving time and money to get books to market fast
  • Boost your book sales and reduce your production costs
  • Distribute your ebook with the most popular ebook retailers

Audio Books

In addition to eBooks, Jenkins Group Digital also produces state of the art digital audio books ready for download or CD duplication. Our services cover each step of producing the very best audio book possible, from choosing just the right voice talent to editing and remastering. You can even voice your own book if you choose.

Like few others, Jenkins Group Digital brings the recording studio to you, saving you time, travel and expense. Our position is to never charge you studio time, only for the project, giving you the assurance that every portion of your audio book experience is done right.

Your audio book can be produced in a variety of formats, including the industry standard MP3. Once completed, we're here to assist in getting your project to the leading distributors of materials, both online and off.

To learn more about how your book can be digitized, please contact us today.