Book Marketing & Distribution Services

Now that your books are complete, the real challenges of publishing must be met head on. Jenkins Group works closely with authors and publishers to create and execute highly effective pre- and post-publication marketing and distribution service plans; an integral part of any book publishing project.

  • We help you develop an overall marketing strategy through our one-day in-house workshop.
  • We develop promotional material specifically for your project.
  • We have connections with distributors, wholesalers, national bookstore chains and fulfillment houses to help you sell your book.
  • We submit your books to both pre-publication and post-publication reviewers to get your book noticed.
  • We research and promote your book to targeted media publications generating publicity opportunities.
  • We direct you to the best in award contests, public relations firms, and literary agents.
  • We ensure your book is properly listed with major Internet retailers.
  • Want to sell books by the thousands? We can help you find book clubs, catalogs, and corporations through our special market sales services.

Below is a comprehensive and unique menu of premium services that serve your needs no matter where you are in the process of creating or marketing your book.

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Global Book Shows / Combined Book Exhibits

Here is your chance to display your books at the world’s premiere publishing and book selling events. Now you can promote and exhibit your books alongside other authors and publishers in a variety of book exhibit’s being offered at incredible prices. We’ve secured great spaces and are offering the best prices available. No matter what type of book you have, we have a show for you.

These unique displays are located in high-traffic exhibit areas at each of the shows and are visited by thousands of visitors throughout the show weekends. Staffed by Combined Book Exhibit personnel, the displays have proven to be a valuable marketing tool to share your title with the largest gathering of book buyers and professional, around the world.

Your participation includes shelf space to display your title with a full-facing cover as well as a listing in the Combined Book Exhibit feature catalog and database that includes all of your pertinent sales, company and contact information.

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Review Direct Program

Our Review Direct program offer you the opportunity to share your book with three hard to reach markets. Through our monthly Review Direct Emerging Titles monthly newsletter e-newsletter created by our staff, your pertinent book and contact information is sent to approximately 400 Book Reviewers (U.S. + Canada) AND 1,600 independent bookstores (U.S.) AND 18,000 librarians (U.S.).

Your listing features:

  • Front Cover Image
  • Book Title
  • Author
  • Contact Information
  • ISBN
  • Retail Price
  • Format
  • Category/Genre
  • Distributor & Wholesaler Availability
  • 75-word description of the title

There will be typically 3-4 titles highlighted per page.

Check out the Complete Review Direct program at

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Media Direct Program

Jenkins Group, Inc. proudly offers the Media Direct Program. The comprehensive media index and press release delivers maximum exposure to regional and national media contacts at a fraction of the cost of traditional publicity campaigns.

The JGI Media Direct Program provides you with many different options on both a national and regional level to maximize your media reach while achieving your publicity goals.

Each program begins with the creation of a professionally written press release highlighting the pertinent information about your title and the desired news angle. The release is then scheduled for delivery via email and fax to a thorough and updated media database specific to your book. You provide us answers to key background questions surrounding your title and we deliver to you approximately 500-800 contacts for leading media sources. Contacts include editors, reporters, columnists and syndicated writers, all yours to keep for future contact and information delivery. Individual a la carte publicity services are also available.

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Targeted Blogger Outreach

Bloggers have a constant finger on the pulse of the public. They know what their audience likes and they are able to react quickly in the virtual world. Additionally, they’re always looking for new content. You and your book could be just what someone needs to get this week’s blog post online fast!

Jenkins Group will:

  • Build a list of bloggers targeted to your book genre and message
  • Prepare a blogger pitch message featuring your back cover sales copy and brief author bio with front cover image
  • Send a pitch via email to the bloggers on your list
    • Offer a free book copy (either physical or eBook) to the blogger
    • Offer 1 to 5 additional free copies of your book for the blogger to use as a give-away to their audiences
    • Notify the bloggers that you are available for interviews and/or guest blog posts
    • You must agree to providing a minimum of 2 free copies of your book to each blogger who expresses interest
    • Pitch will be sent twice in a 2-week period via email
  • Give you the blogger contact information for your files and future use (name of blog, contact person, blog URL, email address, and other social media contact info where available)
  • Provide you with a free tip sheet that outlines how to establish and build relationships with bloggers, what steps to take in the commenting process, and how to make a personalized pitch on your own for a future, drilled-down blogger outreach

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Launched in January 2007, GoodReads is the world’s largest portal for readers and book recommendations, with 30 million members, featuring 34 million reviews. If you’re not already established on GoodReads, you should be. Jenkins Group will build your GoodReads author profile page by:

  • Uploading an author bio to your GoodReads account (and set up an account for you if you do not already have one)
  • Uploading an author photo to your profile page
  • Entering a short blurb about your hobbies and interests
  • Entering a blurb about your favorite book genres and reading experiences
  • Providing information about your own website, giving readers another opportunity and place to get to know you
  • Preparing a one-time listing of upcoming events (speaking engagements and book-signings)
  • Providing you with a free tip sheet that outlines how to maximize and update your GoodReads account and author profile page

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Sales Submission Material Development

To further support your title, Jenkins Group produces a high-design sales submission package that includes a PDF sell sheet with sales copy, marketing summary, book images and title fact sheet.
*Promo materials are required for submission packets to reviewers, distributors and wholesalers.

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Pre-Pub Review Submissions

Having your book reviewed can be a very exciting and rewarding experience, but knowing how and who to submit your title to is often very challenging. Jenkins Group offers its professional services to draft cover letters and submit the appropriate materials that get noticed by pre-publication reviewers. Services include professionally written cover letters and their submission to appropriate pre-publication reviewers. We also place timely follow-up calls to your reviewers as well as the production coordination of galley copies of your book to enable the best first impression.
*Does not include galley production or promo material costs.

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Distributor Placement

Submitting your book for distribution is never an easy task. Jenkins Group offers services that assist you in choosing the right distributors to approach for your book. Our team drafts professionally written cover letters, produces support materials and submits your title to appropriate trade and library distributors for acceptance. Services also include timely follow-up to our premium list of insider contacts and industry leaders within the top distributor companies. 
*Does not include promo material development fees

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Book Awards

Earning a coveted book award guarantees an increase in the exposure, sales, and credibility of your book. Jenkins Group can assist you in researching the right awards programs for your title and provide them with the appropriate materials needed for each entry. Services include the completion of entry forms at the lowest cost currently available prior to deadlines and follow-up for each entry.
*Awards entry fees are additional

The Axiom Business Book Awards

The Axiom Business Book Awards, with 22 different categories of awards, are designed to bring increased recognition to the year’s very best business books and their creators.

The awards were established in 2007 with the goal of celebrating the innovative, intelligent, and creative aspects of the books that make us think, see, and work differently every day. The awards offer no global boundaries, giving participants from every continent the opportunity to earn further recognition for their English-language titles.

Celebrate with us and experience the greatest business books the world has to offer ... yours! Visit to enter today.

Independent Publisher Book Awards (The “IPPY” Awards)

Established in 1996, the Independent Publisher Book Awards are conducted annually to honor the year's best independently published titles. The "IPPY" Awards reward those who exhibit the courage, innovation, and creativity to bring about change in the world of publishing. Independent spirit and expertise comes from publishers of all sizes and budgets, and books are judged with that in mind.

All independent, university, small press, and self-publishers who produce books intended for the North American market are eligible to enter titles copyrighted or released within the year. Independent authors using print-on-demand publishing services are welcome to enter their books themselves. Entrants are able to choose from over 75 subjects in national categories; regional awards for the United States, Australia, Canada, and Europe; and e-book categories.

The "IPPY" Awards were conceived as a broad-based, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the independent publishing industry, and are open to authors and publishers worldwide who produce books written in English and intended for the North American market. We define "independent" as 1) independently owned and operated; 2) operated by a foundation or university; or 3) long-time independents that became incorporated but operate autonomously and publish fewer than 50 titles a year.

Enter your book today at

Living Now Book Awards

Life moves fast. Home and work, family and friends, school and vacations, exercise and hobbies. It's time to celebrate YOU, the authors and publishers who create the books that help us balance it all!

Established in 2008, the Living Now Book Awards is the only awards program recognizing life's most relevant book genres in a variety of different categories. Candidates for the Living Now Book Awards are books written and designed to help shape our lives through creative ideas and time-saving tips. 

The awards offer entrants incredible benefits including a springboard toward increased recognition and sales along with sustainable credibility within the ever-growing marketplace of great titles.

Put your title to the test and compete among the greatest life books in the industry. Winners are awarded with gold, silver and bronze medals and matching awards emblems for their book's cover.

Now is the time to capture the recognition you deserve. Enter the Living Now Book Awards today at

Moonbeam Children's Book Awards

Presented by Jenkins Group and Independent Publisher Online, the Moonbeam Children's Book Awards are designed to bring increased recognition to exemplary children's books and their creators, and to support childhood literacy and life-long reading. Awards are given in over 40 categories covering the full range of subjects, styles and age groups that children’s books are written and published in today. 

As our society has become more complex, and growing up more complicated, children's book authors and publishers have risen to the occasion, creating books that not only celebrate the joys of childhood, but also help kids and families deal with its challenges. Since being founded in 2006, the Moonbeam Awards have recognized and rewarded the best of these books and brought them to the attention of parents, booksellers, librarians – and to children themselves. 

Enter your book today at

Illumination Book Awards

With the motto “Shining a Light on Exemplary Christian Books,” the Illumination Book Awards are designed to honor the year’s best new titles written and published with a Christian worldview. Books have always been powerful tools for helping us understand Scripture and to explore various aspects of faith in a complicated world. How does one choose the “winners” from the huge array of new titles released each year? Started in 2013, the Illumination Book Awards are designed to “shine a light” on the best of these new titles.

Award categories range from Bible Study and Devotional to family-oriented subjects like Education and Children’s Picture Book. The purpose of the Illumination Book Awards is to bring award-winning authors and publishers the credibility and publicity they need to increase sales and further their book marketing success.

With more and more people searching for inspiration and seeking answers to life’s tough questions, books dedicated to Christian belief and personal development are a fast-growing segment of publishing and bookselling today. Find out more by visiting the website at

eLit Awards

Established in 2009, the eLit Awards celebrate the ever growing market of electronic publishing in the wide variety of reader formats. Hail the revolutionary world of e-books and join the awards program that’s highlighting the best in electronic reading entertainment!

The annual eLit Awards are a global awards program committed to illuminating and honoring the very best of English language digital publishing entertainment.

The contest is an industry-wide, unaffiliated awards program open to all members of the electronic publishing industry.

Learn more at

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Wholesaler Placement

Looking to locate the best wholesaler? Jenkins Group makes it easy to choose the right wholesaler for your book. Our team drafts professionally written cover letters, produces support materials and submits your title to appropriate trade and library wholesalers for acceptance. Services also include timely follow-up to our premium list of insider contacts and industry leaders within the top distributor companies.
*Wholesaler Admin Fees and promotional material development are additional.

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National Bookstore Chain Placement

Our twenty years of experience can help you get an inside lead on submitting your title to the nation’s top bookstore chains. Our services include a presentation packet of a professionally written cover letter, support materials and the required number sample copies of your book for submission. Bookstores include Borders, Barnes & Noble and Books-A-Million. Follow-up to our inside contacts is also included.
*Does not include promotional material development fees.

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Internet Retailer Placement

Submitting your book to the top Internet retailers is nearly an insurmountable task. But with help from the Jenkins Group, we make getting your book listed a snap. Submission of your title to Internet giants and B& includes the completion of the time-consuming entries and special “tricks” to increase the exposure of your book.
*Does not include submission for Search Inside the Book features.

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eBook Conversion and Distribution

Jenkins Group provides complete ebook publishing services for publishers looking to enter the digital book market.  We convert your existing book to any of the popular ebook reader formats including Amazon Kindle, ePub (iPad and B&N Nook, Sony).

The process is simple and the result is your ability to sell more books to new customers.

Converstions can start as low as $90 with a typical non-fiction book conversion coming in around $400 for the Kindle + ePub iPad + epub Nook package.

Jenkins Group also helps you distribute your ebook through major online retailers, Apple iTunes and Barnes & Noble.  We set up your accounts and ensure your files are ready for sale.  All revenue from ebook sales will get paid directly to the publisher.

For a complimentary conversion quote, click HERE!

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Special Sales Quick Start

Special Sales Quick-Start is designed to take you by the hand, teach you everything you need to know about special sales, and send you down your very own road to successful large quantity sales. We provide you with a thorough introduction to the world of special sales, including:

  • Researching and prospecting
  • Sales letters and sell sheets
  • Pricing and discount structures
  • Closing the sale
  • Customizing, producing and delivering books

Your Special Sales Quick-Start package includes 4 key elements to success:

  • A personal, customized Special Sales Action Plan
  • A one-hour phone consult to shorten your learning curve and to brainstorm special sales ideas and prospects
  • Quick-start prospect/contact suggestions tailored specifically to your book
  • Your own copy of our very popular special sales e-book, The Insider’s Guide to Large Quantity Sales

You’ve waited long enough. Start today. The first step is free. Point us toward your book information on the web - or send a copy of the book - and we will perform a no-cost analysis to determine special sales potential. If we feel we can help you in a big way, we will contact you with next steps. An investment that arms you with the knowledge you need to make great strides towards large quantity sales.

To learn more about our services and pricing, visit

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Book Promotion Material – Postcard, Bookmarks and Posters

Make a professional impression with custom designed selling material. Our design staff will work with you to design and print bookmarks, post cards and posters that will bring interest and sales to your book. Let us help you promote your book(s) with custom designed and printed postcards, bookmarks and posters. The designs will feature your book cover, ordering information and marketing information. Once the designs are finished, we will print 500 postcards, 500 bookmarks and 2 posters for your usage during book signings, direct mail campaigns, press kits, etc.


Bookmarks Specifications: 4 x 6 inches, 4-color both sides, 14pt stock, aqueous coating front and back
500 units
Postcards Specifications: 7.25 x 2 inches, 4-color both sides, 14pt stock, aqueous coating front and back
500 units
Poster Specifications: 11 x 17 inches, 4-color one side, gloss stock mounted to foam core board
2 posters

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Fulfillment Services

Since your book is selling like hotcakes, it might be time to take the delivery of your title to the next level. Jenkins Group offers services to research the most appropriate fulfillment services available. Recommendations are offered after critical cost analysis, service quality and the best fit for your individual needs.

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Public Relation Firm

Consistently marketing your title at a national level often requires the commitment of a professional PR firm. Jenkins Group offers services to further enhance an existing marketing campaign through its recommendations and introductions to the book industry’s top firms. Our team works to pair you with the most appropriate companies for your book and submits a request for proposal (RFP) from a variety of firms. We further evaluate responses, solicit proposals and examine the objectives of each firm.

To learn more about these and all our other services, please feel free to contact us at 1-800-706-4636 or via email here.

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