Building Your Special Market Book Strategy - Phoenix 9/18/15
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A one day in-depth look at the secrets of large quantity book sales. Held at the Phoenix Airport Marriott 1101 N. 44th St. Just 25 spots available.

Building Your Special Market Book Strategy - Phoenix 9/18/15

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For more than 25 years, Jerrold Jenkins has assisted premiere non-fiction authors and publishers reach unimaginable sales goals through non-traditional, large quantity book buying channels.  Now is your chance to gain the same knowledge trough an intensive one day seminar and take your book sales to the next level.  Here is just a bit of what will be covered:

  • Find out what companies are looking for when buying books
  • Uncover the contacts of some of America's largest book buying companies
  • Learn the most lucrative areas of non-traditional sales
  • Discover what it takes to succeed in special markets
  • Get tips on building a winning direct mail campaign
  • Learn how to push down costs without sacrificing quality
  • Discover how to approach catalog companies and stores
  • Learn to work with promotional product firms
  • Learn about big retail selling, warehouse clubs and distributorships
  • Learn how to get considered for book clubs
  • Utilize the contact information for America's leading book clubs
  • Find out exactly what club buyers are looking for
  • Find out how companies are using books
  • Better understand the gift distributors and incentive markets
  • Learn how books build business brands
  • Learn to sell your book as a fundraiser
  • Learn about letters of agreement and title bundling
  • Discover the powerful tools of Internet based sourcing
  • Acquire our complete list of distributors and export sales agencies
  • Building a sales team with the proper incentives
  • Learn licensing tips to maximize revenues
  • How to build lucrative discount schedules
  • Learn how books are used as promotional premiums and giveaways and so much more..
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