The Best Ghostwriters for Today’s Leading Titles

Great books come from great writers.

Whether you're a corporate executive, consultant, entrepreneur, marketer or public relations firm, Jenkins Group successfully works to match you and your story with just the right non-fiction or technical ghostwriter. Our talented pool of award-winning ghostwriters create manuscripts that deliver your message in a way that communicates thought leadership and brand relevance.

Jenkins Group is celebrating more than thirty years of assisting companies and individuals by bringing professional trade quality non-fiction books to life. As the leading authority on private and custom book publishing, Jenkins Group's unrivaled experience and unparalleled ghostwriting talent deliver books that speak for themselves. Why would you trust your story with anyone else? Let us build a professional publishing plan for you.

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Recent books that were ghostwritten, designed and printed by the Jenkins Group include:

  • A business biography that showcased the revolutionary products from a successful manufacturing company
  • An inspirational look into the world of special needs children
  • A consumers guide to health care written by a prominent entrepreneur and physician
  • A successful franchise founder worked with the Jenkins Group to produce an extraordinary and inspirational biography
  • A veteran change agent revealed his leadership rules that propelled this multimillion-dollar company
  • A step-by-step guide that reveals the innovation and collaboration required to compete in today’s highly competitive marketplace
  • A performance coach tripled his customer base after releasing his book that defined the techniques for coaching a successful sales team

To better understand how the ghostwriting process begins, please click here for our search and selection process overview. To read answers to frequently asked questions about our ghostwriting services, please click here.

What Our Clients Are Saying...

“Working with the Jenkins Group was an absolute pleasure. From initial concept to final publication of ‘Rise Above,’ they offered an exceptional level of professionalism and experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

- Jack Johnson, Creative Director at BraunAbility

“Working with the Jenkins Group was a pleasure. The team, especially Yvonne Roehler and Leah Nicholson, enabled me to write, publish, and publicize seven books in two years. I could not have done this without their constant encouragement, enthusiasm and professionalism. And the end products show the skill and talent of this great team. I am consistently complimented on the quality of the layout and printing of my books. I highly recommend this wonderful team of people!”

- Diana Morris, Corporate Communications Consulting

“The team at Jenkins Group are fantastic to work with! From brainstorming the story concept, finding an appropriate author and choosing the best artist to illustrate our book—the Jenkins Group's organization and attention to detail helped us to achieve a final product that our client and his entire company have been raving about. I would highly recommend the Jenkins Group to any of my colleagues!”

- Natalie Shafer, Edelman Public Relations

“Custom published books can be a game-changing marketing tool and a jumpstart for any PR campaign. The Jenkins Group delivers ‘thought-leader’ level books... done quickly and cost effectively and with minimum impact on our clients’ lives. Jenkins Group is an immensely valuable resource and strategic partner for Padilla Spear Beardsley.”

- Mike Greece, Managing Partner at Padilla Spear Beardsley PR

Ghostwriting Search & Selection Process

The Ghostwriter Search and Selection Process follows a structured methodology to identify and engage the best possible writing and editorial team to meet our clients needs. Starting with the Manuscript Questionnaire, the process will blend the client's specific project needs and Jenkins Group's extensive experience to find the best ghostwriter possible for the job.



Manuscript Questionnaire

The Manuscript Questionnaire captures the critical information regarding the overall project scope. Topic, synopsis, audience, writing style, content overview, content sources, and general length all serve as critical input elements to the ghostwriter search.

Project Contract and Expectation Meeting

A formal contract is put in place to outline the overall scope of the project including deliverables, fees and terms. Prior to the start of the ghostwriter search, an Expectation Meeting is conducted between the client and Jenkins Group's Production Manager. The details of the project will be reviewed and any key client expectations are noted and used to manage the overall project execution.

National Outreach

In addition to Jenkins Group's in-house pool of ghostwriters, a nationwide search is conducted to identify any other highly skilled candidates who may be a good fit for the project. This search is conducted through a network of professional freelance writers and authors.

Candidate Screening

Ghostwriters are screened utilizing a qualitative scoring system across 6 criterion which are weighted for each individual project. Criterion includes writing experience, education, tenure, content knowledge, geographic location, and referrals.

Evaluation Interview

Leading ghostwriter candidates are then put through a complete interview to further evaluate their fit for the project. Along with writing samples, availability and fee estimates, we evaluate a range of critical behavior attributes that we have found in leading ghostwriters such as Client Focus, Process Driven, Quick Study and Confidence.

Recommend Writer

Once all the formal evaluation is complete, the leading candidates are presented to the client for any further interviewing and approval. Following formal client approval, the ghostwriter is formally put under contract for the assignment and work begins.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ghostwriting

How long does it take to write the manuscript?
Most ghostwritten manuscripts for a 100- to 250-page book require 3-9 months, depending on the amount of background information you will be providing and the research that will be required by the writer.

How much does it cost?
A ghostwritten manuscript for a 100- to 250-page book will cost between $10,000 and $60,000, depending upon the extent of the required research and the selected writer's credentials. All ghostwriters recommended for interviews by Jenkins Group will have extensive experience in writing non-fiction books.

Who will own the rights?
All Jenkins Group ghostwriters are contracted on a "work for hire" basis. You own all the rights to the manuscript and you are free to exploit all rights in any way you determine is in your best interest.

What services beyond ghostwriting do you provide?
We can provide you with a total publishing solution that will take you from concept and pre-press, through manufacturing to placing your book in the best distribution channels to meet your goals. We provide all the services you need to create and market a professional trade quality book. Please see the private publishing information below for more insight.

What are some of the companies Jenkins Group has worked with in providing a complete turnkey solution for non-fiction books?
We work with major corporations, non-profits, public relations firms, corporate executives, consultants, and entrepreneurs. Our past clients include leading corporations such as Archer Daniels Midland, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson, Nestlé, AllScripts, L'Oréal, and Wachovia; and leading public relations firms Worldcom, Edelman, Porter Novelli, and Weber-Shandwick.