While producing millions of books for thousands of clients, we have had the honor to be a part of many great projects. Below is a small collection of some of our titles and the kind words from those who have produced them.

"I just arrived home and was greeted by the advance copy of Who Knew! I have goosebumps

book coverturning each page. The images are jumping out and the words are actually speaking to me. I hear my mom and dad and the loved ones who paved the way to my success and the person I became. I can’t thank you enough for turning my dream into a reality. Everything is perfect —the typeset, the texture of the paper, the layout, the images, the opening and closing pages of the baseballs, the prose, the chapter headings, the index, the dedication, the acknowledgments, preface and Michael’s foreword. From the bottom of my heart, all I can say is thank you! Thank you! Thank you! "

Steven Katz
Author of Who Knew!


book cover“I owned a business for thirty-five years and sold it six years ago. I have to say, when I started communicating with Jenkins Group, it seemed like the first time in six years that I was receiving the kind of service my staff and I have to our clients across the country. Good service and good communication are so rare!"

Anna DeSimone
Award Winning Author

book cover“The cover is just perfect. The binding is beautiful and represents the quality I was hoping for. The deckled edges are so... deckley. The story is so much better than it was thanks to the editing.  Thanks for caring so much about my book, and me. I have enjoyed every minute of this. I hope the very next conversation we have is ‘Steve, hurry, we need more books!’ ”
(Two months later, Mr. Bennett ordered more books.)

R. William (Bill) Bennett
Author of The Christmas Gift

book cover “I thought that writing a book was about, well, writing. The Jenkins staff helped me   understand all the parts that go into publishing a book; writing, editing, layout,   proofing, styles, fonts, distribution, cover art, and so much more. With their help I   have a book on the market that I am as proud to look at as I am to read.”

 Michael J. Thorp
 Author of The Great, Great Lakes Trivia Test (The Who, What, Where, When, Why & How of Michigan)

book cover“We are appreciative of the Jenkins Group efforts in expediting our book through the phases of its production and are completely satisfied with the results.”

Charles Murphy
Author of The Waking Hour

book cover“Working with The Jenkins Group was a pleasure. The team, especially Yvonne Roehler and Leah Nicholson, enabled me to write, publish, and publicize seven books in two years. I could not have done this without their constant encouragement, enthusiasm and professionalism. And the end products show the skill and talent of this great team. I am consistently complimented on the quality of the layout and printing of my books. I highly recommend this wonderful team of people!”

Diana Morris
Morris Communications
Coauthor of The Conflict Management Breakthrough Journal and Hot Situations, Cool Heads

book cover“As of now I have sold 2300 of my 3000 books. My business is up significantly because of the new business created by the publishing of my book you helped me with.  Motivator, Teacher, Shrink has compensated me for the initial investment many, many times over.  New York Life Insurance company is paying me a six-figure fee to licence the content in my book for them to develop a course for their sales managers. Your firm will continue to be a resource for me in the future.”

Bob Teichert
Teichert and Associates
Author of Motivator, Teacher, Shrink

book cover“Working with The Jenkins' Group was an absolute pleasure. From initial concept to final publication of Rise Above, they offered an exceptional level of professionalism and experience. I cannot recommend them highly enough!”

Ralph Braun
CEO of BraunAbility
Author of Rise Above

book cover“What a pleasure it is doing business with folks the way I do business. I’m always wary because I’ve been taken advantage of before and it’s not fun. So, finding an awesome legitimate business partners is a big win. I can trust you to be honest with me and look out for what’s best for me and my company. You could have tried to convince me to take another route, which would have benefited you and your company, but instead, you evaluated the overall picture including my goals, and advised me in my best interest.”

John McCurdy
Overstreet Arrowheads

book cover"The best decision I made in the book writing and production process, was hiring Jenkins Group. I was so busy representing the book that I never could have dealt with the endless stream of communication that came in after Jenkins Group published the press release. They handled the questions, the scheduling of interviews and all the details in between!! It was a lifesaver timewise and it allowed me to focus on personally representing my book. In addition to that, it also brought in loads of media attention for my book. Writing is such a singular process, but we write so that it can be shared. Jenkins Group did just that…they made sure it would be shared!" 

Sally Hoedel

Author of Elvis: Destined to Die Young

book cover“The Media Boost program at Jenkins Group has been a fantastic way to revitalize my book promotions. Not only did they craft an excellent press release requiring minimal participation on my part, but they were able to leverage it to get me booked in a wide variety of outlets, from print to radio to podcasts! I've been thrilled with the results and highly recommend their services to any author looking to drive their book sales!”

Britt East
Author of A Gay Man's Guide to Life

book cover"As soon as my PR campaign started, leads were coming in fast. I sent out 80 books for review. The exposure helped sell the book…over 10 times increased [sales] from the year before. Besides leading people to my title, the reviews and buzz made great topics for me to promote on my own social networks. I plan to market the book again and feel the exposure generated by partnering with Jenkins Group will give me a head start as we head into the next holiday season. If you are looking to get your book exposure, this is a good option to consider" 

Thomas Conway

Author of The Naughty List

book cover“Oh my, I have been so happily emotional since the books arrived late on Monday. The final product is breathtaking and is already being sold in Amazon. Thank you so much for all the wonderful work and support and help/guidance you gave me. I wouldn’t have been able to do it without your help. ”

Alexandra Artigas Szczedrin
Author of One Day, One Step, One Breath at a Time