Publishing a Smart Business Book Will Forever Transform Your Brand, Especially in a Digital Age

Supercharge Your Brand: The Amazing Power of Books As Marketing Tools demystifies the process of writing, publishing, and leveraging a book as a competitive business tool.

This one-stop crash-course guide by veteran publishing authorities Mike Greece and Jerrold R. Jenkins conveys the ultimate formula for a successful book through insider tips for what is becoming the modern era’s new business card.

Supercharge Your Brand explains:

  • The need to write a book that’s relevant

  • How to think strategically up front before writing a single word

  • The steps and important advantages of independently publishing

  • How to launch and leverage your book in the chaotic modern marketing mix

It also offers numerous examples of successful authors who have used a book to differentiate themselves in their respective markets, increasing engagement, conversations, and influence that catapulted them into significant new opportunities.

Supercharge Your Brand shows you how to create a sustainable, impactful, market stirring book that conveys your authority, expands mind share, and permanently sets you and your brand apart.

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